I use the Family Systems theory approach while identifying family of origin roles and patterns. I am trained in Minuchin’s and Haley’s theoretical models, which views dysfunction as a consequence of family structure and uses strategic intervention aimed at changing the powerful family rules in families particularly resistant to change.

Using a cognitive behavioral approach in helping clients identify thinking patterns that impact self-esteem and the choices one makes, I can guide you to new thought patterns that will raise the quality level of your life in many ways.

If you’re an elder adult struggling with the loss of friends, family, or physical capabilities and independence, we can resolve these issues together and improve your day to day life in a remarkable way.

Mood disorder therapy, including Bipolar Disorder and Major Depression, is a vital instrument for those affected. Medication assessment and management referral resources are available to compliment psychotherapy.

Change your thinking… change your life. Think in new ways, feel new emotions, live with a new view of you and your world. You simply need someone to help you open that door.


Grief and Loss Therapy

Self-Esteem Issues

Working with Our Elder Population

Mood Disorder Therapy

Clinical Modalities with Spirituality

Conflict Resolution/Mediation

Substance Abuse

Gay and Lesbian Issues

Coping Skills for Chronic Illness

Relationship Therapy

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